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Pricing Your Home

It Begins With You…                  


I believe that you, as the Seller, play the most critical roll in successfully selling your home and you should take responsibility for that.

The more cooperation and communication between the seller and the listing agent, the faster the process.  Therefore, I want to explain that sale process to you so that we can determine the best marketing strategy to meet your objectives.

Generally speaking, it’s timing and/or money that is motivating you to sell your home.


What is your Motivation to Sell?

q  TIMING?  If you are working with a time frame to move, then it is critical to price your home aggressively in today’s market.

q  MONEY?  If you really need a certain amount from the sale of your home and you are not bound to a time frame, then it will simply take longer to find a buyer who is willing to pay your price.


The most important element in getting your home sold is to

Window of opportunity


When a home first goes on the market, it generates an initial surge of activity.  That’s why it’s important to price your home realistically from the start.  Don’t assume you can “test the water” with an unrealistically high price and then reduce it later.

The risks of overpricing outweigh the benefits of pursuing a list price a little higher and waiting to see what happens.

     It makes other homes more attractive helping sell the competition.

         It can waste the initial surge of buyer interest.

         Fewer sales associates will be inclined to show your home.

         Fewer prospects will respond to our ads.

         It can attract the wrong prospects.

         It can discourage prospects who wonder why the home has been on the market so long.

Having a cushion to negotiate does no good if you have no one to negotiate with!

Generally speaking, there’s a direct relationship between a home’s listing price and the time it takes to sell.  Since your home competes with other homes in the Orangeburg real estate market, potential buyers will compare your home with similar homes – often beginning with the listing price.  If you want to sell your home quickly, you’ll probably price it more competitively as compared to similar homes.  This will signal to buyers that your home is a good value – a smart investment they’ll want to make right away.  The less competitively you set the price, the longer your home can take to sell.

Remember, a slower sale does not necessarily ensure a higher sales price.

My goal as your Realtor is to match the listing price with your selling goals.

Just call get your home sold quickly...

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Tina Goddard
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